A military expert explained what difficulties the Ukrainian Armed Forces will face with Abrams tanks 14:37

The Abrams tanks transferred by the USA to Kiev will bring more problems than benefits to the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU). In an interview with the newspaper “Vzglyad” on this subject stated military expert Vladislav Shurygin. He reminded that the Ukrainian army already has armored vehicle samples from different countries. However, in his opinion, for successful combat operations, weapons must be unified to eliminate difficulties with maintenance and crew training.

“Ukraine does not have its own tank production. The Armed Forces of Ukraine receive them from all countries that provide them. This is absolutely inconvenient for any army in the world, the Ukrainian army is no exception. Each type of tank requires maintenance, each vehicle has its own spare parts, its own regulations, its own oils and often its own fuel,” Shurygin explained.

Moreover, in his opinion, it is unlikely that the Pentagon will allow the Ukrainian Armed Forces to use Abrams at its discretion.

According to NYT, the first batch of American Abrams tanks were delivered to Ukraine. Vladimir Zelensky confirmed their receipt. The head of the country’s military intelligence, Kirill Budanov, warned that these combat vehicles “will not last long on the battlefield” and suggested using them for “very special” operations. Details are in the material “socialbites.ca”.

Previously in the USA saidHow will Russia deal with Abrams tanks transferred to the Ukrainian Armed Forces?

Source: Gazeta


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