A connection has been discovered between the functioning of immune cells and the emergence of tumors EurekAlert: aging immune cells contribute to the emergence of tumors in the lungs 13:42

Scientists from the Mayo Clinic Institute of Biomedical Sciences in the United States have discovered that aging immune cells can trigger the development of tumors in the lungs. It turns out that such cells accumulate in the body and suppress the immune system. In this respect reports EurekAlert.

Macrophages are immune cells that capture, digest and use bacteria, debris from other cells, and particles that are toxic to the body. Additionally, macrophages can fight cancer cells. However, like other cells, they can enter a state called senescence; macrophages stop dividing and effectively fight threats. In addition, aging immune cells cannot be cleared from the body and accumulate in tissues.

Darren Baker, a biologist who studies cell aging at the Mayo Clinic and senior author of the study, suggests that rendered useless macrophages inhibit the immune system’s ability to respond to and eliminate abnormal cell growth. This leads to swelling.

Researchers also realized that surgically removing senescent immune cells could slow tumor growth. Scientists performed an operation in which they removed macrophage accumulations in mice with bronchial adenoma; This is a benign formation consisting of epithelial cells and glands of the bronchial walls. It was expected that the number of adenomas would increase after the operation, but this did not happen.

Researchers also suggest that tumors can be eliminated pharmacologically.

Previously in Russia to create A way to detect tumor remnants after surgical removal.

Source: Gazeta


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