Hikvision presents its results on the future of traffic in cities

Cities with increasing population density todayForce public administration representatives to rethink how optimize new ‘smart’ solutions and technologies for efficient management of the entire urban ecosystem.

Security cameras are no longer simple observers, but agents of change in our cities that must adapt to future needs, for example, more robotic roads or driverless vehicles. This change was one of the challenges discussed these days in ‘Greens’ and ‘S-Motion’, the reference events for the development of the region at the national level, presented by Hikvision. technological solutions This now helps prepare for the future by increasing efficiency in traffic control and making it easier to control ZBEs via security cameras. On the one hand, according to Hikvision Sales Regional Manager Ángel Maestre, the cameras: “Make it easier real-time traffic management On the one hand, the guidance of vehicles in case of any incident, and on the other hand, with the same security system, unauthorized vehicle access “We join ZBE by collaborating on reducing emissions and complying with European regulations.”

Hardware and software technological solutions that help improve traffic control, Low Emission Zones (ZBEs) and optimize the use of public spaces, such as those proposed by Hikvision. So the future of city government is large amounts of data in real timeThis optimizes the decision-making process and enables better decisions and actions in safety and emergency situations.

Artificial Intelligence and ‘Deep Learning’ algorithms

New traffic security cameras equipped with artificial intelligence and ‘deep learning’ algorithmsCapabilities that will revolutionize the lives of cities and citizens. For example, “the camera can detect the license plate of a vehicle whose owner has been issued a restraining order. It will then send a signal to the Police and they will be able to inform the victim,” explains Maestre.

Accurate analysis of these data directly affects the daily lives of citizens and public or private transportation users. Now administrators of these security systems, such as city councils, can react in real time by counting data from users of each bus stop and, for example: “Strengthen lines and take action during spontaneous events such as demonstrations or floods. New technologies allow them to make not only more efficient but also safer decisions. They can analyze the effectiveness of routes, alternative routes, roads that require more or less frequency of crossings… and all this affects the quality of life of citizens,” says Maestre.

The latest devices can deliver this information to citizens via variable information displays in cities or via apps directly onto our mobile phones. As Maestre explains, “it’s about managing metadata that flies into data centers in city halls, where it is processed in real time and cross-referenced with, for example, Google Maps and other software from public bodies they collaborate with. For example, the local police receive Instant notification of an accident or traffic jam“This could even be decisive in saving lives, for example.”

Cities that bring the future closer

There are already city councils in our country that are stepping into the future thanks to the analysis of the data obtained from these cameras.

Cases like the Seville case, where Hikvision was a pioneer in Low Emission Control and led the installation of more than 100 access control and energy classification cameras in the Plan Centro ring to protect its historical part. Or that of Mijas (Malaga), where educational radars were installed on school roads to protect minors, which were born as deterrent initiatives but now allow municipal councils to take measures to reduce speed with speed bumps or send them to the police. in real time if necessary. “Cameras become the eyes of the things the city council cannot see to notice”explains Maestre.

Or the example of Getafe, which, according to Maestre, foresees the future with a single camera system that complies with European UNE regulations. monitor energy efficiencyReading the license plates of motorcycles and motorcycles, which were previously unreadable on urban roads, and coordinating the capacity control data of all public buildings and other smart buildings on the same platform.

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