Supreme Court upholds retroactive maternity supplement for retired men

this Supreme Court accepted its total retrospective validity. complement maternity pension for men People who meet other requirements and access help as of January 1, 2016.

In a memo released this Monday, the supreme court will make it public in the coming days and that when men are entitled to maternity benefits, they have been receiving since they had access to their pensions and not just with a three-month retrospective.

Therefore, the General Assembly of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals dismissed the National Institute of Social Security’s appeal and decided that the effects of maternity supplement for men should be determined retrospectively at the time the retirement pension was first adopted. .

In the statement made by the SGK, it was stated that “When men are entitled to receive maternity supplementary allowance for the demographic contribution to SGK, the said supplement will be valid from the date of the event that caused the retirement pension, provided that the remaining legal conditions are met.”

so there is at least one child and has reached a pension as of 1 January 2016, When the maternity supplement is created in pensions, which from February 3, 2021 becomes a supplement to reduce the gender gap in pensions to comply with a decision of the EU Court of Justice.

Earlier, the TS Social Department had issued two sentences specifically on February 17th stating that men could receive the maternity supplement without access to a pension, but with a three-month retrospective.

pension supplement reducing the gender gapA substitute for maternity supplement can be taken by either parent, male or female, with one or more children, and eligible for a co-pay pension (excluding partial pension), permanent disability or invalidity. widowhood.

In 2021 this amount was 27 euros per month for each son or daughter with a maximum of 4 children.

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