Christmas Lottery for summer too: saves sales and bills 740 million

The dreaded end of the holidays is coming and it’s time to think about souvenirs for family, friends or increase the collection of ‘souvenirs’ from the tourist places where we spend some of our summers. Some prefer ordinary refrigerator magnets, others prefer the gastronomy of the place, and the last (increasingly) They buy a tenth of the Christmas Lottery. Holidaymakers are taking advantage of days of rest on the Spanish coast to buy a ticket that allows them to dream of winning the El Gordo draw, held every December 22. And when it comes to participating in the lottery, superstitions prevail, and not a few people think about the sentence that closes the summer television commercial of the Christmas lottery: “What if it lands here?” The only possibility of losing the opportunity to win millions is that with the recovery of tourism, lottery administrations are also allowed Sold 20% of total issues exported in just two monthsApproximately 37 million tenths representing 740 million euros.

“Summer is a good time for sales,” confirms Borja Muñiz, president of the National Group of Lottery Administrators (ANAPAL). The broadcast of the advertising ‘spot’ for the Christmas lottery signaled the start of ticket sales and the first queues formed around the most well-known lottery offices in the cities. Of course, the common denominator of all of them is this: They are located a few meters from the sea. “The lottery changes a lot where there is tourism, so it is more noticed in coastal areas,” says Muñiz. Andalusia, Murcia and the Valencian Community compete for ticket sales with regions such as Galicia or Asturias, where the number of tourists is increasing every year.

At La Herradura de la Suerte, a lottery administration located in the heart of Malaga, it is not uncommon to see a human snake waiting for their turn to choose their favorite numbers. Although sales started in July, a “small increase” was observed in the first half of August: “We are good in tourism and the Malaga Fair in August,” says Francisco Hernández, the manager of this establishment. Say what Being in the historical center also benefits themSince tourists usually pass through this region, the influx has increased this year due to the revival of tourism. A similar incident is happening in Benidorm. Despite the high temperatures, the queues of tourists in front of the lottery administrations show the figures achieved this year: Sales are similar to last year’s sales, when tourism was close to recovery, and exceed pre-pandemic data.

Although queues to buy Loteria de Navidad tickets accumulate in the coastal areas, Madrid’s most famous lottery office, Doña Manolita, is an exception. From the first day of ticket sales, queues of buyers have been wrapping around the corner of the facility, which encourages tourists to take home a souvenir in the form of a lottery, taking advantage of its central location in the capital. The same is not the case with El Gato Negro, one of the busiest managements in Barcelona. “There is no queue here, but there is” “‘Advance’ on sales to customers in other citiesThe owner of the resort, Teodoro Baró, explains that although he states that “the tourists are back” and “There is a recovery compared to previous years”. “Now there is a trickle in sales, but it is not a boom like in other tourist areas,” he adds. He noticed an increase in in-person purchases compared to previous years when sales were settled through shipping.

Another ‘memory’

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Traditionally, figures for the Christmas draw reached management in October, but this date Moved to July in the 80sWhen mass tourism was on the rise in Spain. Since then, tourists who come to the same part of the country every summer choose to buy the tenth “just in case” in the city they repeat every July or August. The fear of being left out of making a handful of millions merges with summer memories. “It’s like a ‘souvenir’; you buy it from the place where you spent the summer,” Muñiz explains. Once the September holidays are over, lottery administrations begin to see other types of customers, such as people involved with the Christmas Lottery or companies that request a certain number to be distributed among their employees.

In addition to the increase in tourists, ticket sellers are also lucky. As Jesús Huerta, head of the State Lottery and Betting (SELAE), announced at the beginning of the summer campaign, this year the Christmas Lottery Extraordinary Draw will be the draw with the most prizes in its entire history. Because Sale of 185 million decimals and 185 series of 100,000 digits eachThat’s five more than those distributed in 2022. SELAE will raise a total of 3.7 billion euros with this draw alone. 70% of this amount will be distributed in prizes, meaning approximately 2,590 million euros will be available to people who participate and win the Jackpot or any of the secondary prizes of the draw. In 2022, €2,520 million in prizes were distributed, approximately 70 million less than SELAE predicted in 2023.

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