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Firefighters put out the fire in Castalla


Agents from the Alicante Provincial Fire Consortium and the Generalitat Forest Fire Service responded to the scene this Monday afternoon. extinguish a forest fire Registered in Castalla. The incident occurred in Separation of Riera, near the Riu Verd riverbed, next to the sewage treatment plant, in an area of ​​pine and poplar, according to sources from both institutions. The town of Castalla is very close to this place.

Notification received shortly after 18:30when a large column of white smoke is seen. A water-filled helicopter was requested as the flames were advancing quite rapidly. By 19:33 the fire was under control. and the aircraft were withdrawn. Generalitat’s 112 reported via Twitter: At 20:47, it was announced that the fire was extinguished..

Generalitat’s Forest Firemen during their extinguishing missions. INFORMATION

In the tasks they intervene, Provincial Firefighters Consortiumone from headquarters command unit, two heavy rural bombs and one light main bomb 2 sergeant 1 corporal 3 firefighter Cocentaina and Ibi parks. Alpha 02 helicopter also included, a helicopter transported unit Generalitat Forest FirefightersMutxamel based and also Biar and Guardamar units from the same body.

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