‘ComprometiDOS’: 14 Aqualia measures to promote work and sustainable economic growth

Only 15% of 169 goals The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are progressing satisfactorily; 48% show modest improvements and 37% experience lack of progress or even regression. This is the conclusion of the United Nations. Eighth anniversary of the declaration of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals It is celebrated on Monday, September 25. The international organization calls on states and companies to strengthen their commitment to support the achievement of these goals. This year, the UN focuses on Sustainable Development Goal 8: ‘Decent work and economic growth’ and highlights the importance of achieving this goal continuous, inclusive and sustainable progress An approach that benefits all people equally and does not harm the environment.

Aqualia is joining this celebration for another year, detailing 14 actions it has taken under 8 work areas to promote compliance with SDG 8 and the 2030 Agenda. The campaign can be followed on social networks with the hashtag ‘#ComprometiDOS’ and on a web page. With full information about these actions.

People management is a key corporate challenge for Aqualia, which employs approximately 13,000 professionals in 18 countries worldwide. Introduction Local employment, stable work and a quality working environment These are the main goals of the company. In this strategic axis, the company continues to move forward with initiatives in 8 different areas: diversity, safety, reconciliation, quality education, physical and mental health, promotion of local employment and regulatory compliance.

14 actions to improve the Sustainable Development Goal8

through your campaign #DeterminedTWOThe company is rolling out different initiatives around Goal No. 8 as part of its efforts to enrich the culture. diversity and equalitycreation Diversity Committeea ‘mentoring’ initiative that helps women become visible within the company; or receiving the ‘Leading Company in Diversity’ Seal, becoming the first company in the water sector to receive this, and receiving the ‘Empowering Female Talent’ Seal for the company’s commitment to female talent.

Facilitative measures for reconciliation are encouraged well-being and balance of personal and professional life Among all those who make up the organization, these include measures that led Aqualia to receive the Family Responsible Business (efr) seal, awarded by the Másfamila Foundation, for its performance in this regard.

referred to quality educationIn 2022, Aqualia renewed all its agreements with the universities it has cooperated with for years and signed new collaborations with national and international schools, universities and Vocational Training centers. WITH Last year, a total of 18,684 courses were organized within the company. Many also receive language training in areas such as safety, health and wellbeing, equality and diversity, digital or legal and regulatory compliance, alongside the company’s strong international presence. Additionally, 1,650 hours of sustainability training was provided to 275 managers and intermediate positions.

on the subjects securityAchieving a working environment that improves people’s health and well-being is one of the primary goals. Aqualia has been awarded many external awards and recognitions over the past year, such as the 10th Edition of the ASEPEYO ‘Antoni Serra Santamans’ AWARDS, especially for the implementation of comprehensive Health and Wellbeing policies.

Finally, the company promises: Physical health Promoting a healthy lifestyle for people who are part of the workforce to improve the quality of life of employees; and for emotional health, providing tools to control the level of mental and emotional well-being and providing psychological counseling for both professional and personal areas.

The eighth area where the company is progressing towards SDG 8 is normative compatibilityIt conveys compliance with Aqualia standards, principles and ethical values ​​to all people and countries in which the company operates. In this sense, local ‘Compliance Officers’ were appointed in 2022, which was a milestone in terms of transferring the ethical culture to 17 countries.

The company received a certificate for its contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals

Aqualia The first comprehensive water cycle management company to achieve Sustainability Strategy certification and its contribution to the AENOR Sustainable Development GoalsTo embed sustainability into the company’s principles and align the organization’s strategies with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) most relevant to its activities.

Alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals is consistent with the commitments set out in the Convention. Aqualia 2022 Sustainability ReportThe company is aware of its role in confronting the social and environmental challenges of the last decade with leadership based on the highest ethical standards; and with the 2021-2023 Strategic Sustainability Plan, which has already been consolidated and has become the road map.

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