Seven in ten family businesses plan to bill more despite economic uncertainty

Despite the deterioration of the economic situation, especially as a result of increasing energy and raw material prices, large family businesses Trusted by the province of Alicante get aheadand guess to increaseboth their IncomeLike him templates throughout this exercise. This is at least drawn from the survey conducted during the last plenary session of Aefa, the organization headed by Maite Antón, which brought together 167 key firms in the state with these characteristics.

A consultation where businessmen also clarify their business disgust with the political situation While somewhat weakened in the latter case, it is present with an uncertainty that resonates both nationally and regionally.

Opinion on the economic situation. David Navarro

Regarding the overall economic situation, the majority is split between those who think this will happen. same as last year (39.4%) and those who think they will worsean option supported by 36.4% from the participants. In contrast, only one 24.2% -less than a quarter- bets better.

Things change, especially when you ask about your company’s development, where most respondents are much more optimistic. Thus, a 69.7% predicted by Aefa’s partners increase your turnover Despite all the uncertainty plaguing the economy this year, only 9.1% expect a decline in revenues.

Similarly, 54.5% of respondents assures it will increase your staff and the other 45.5% expect to at least continue to do so. None of the interviewees considered a cut in staff, which is still good news.


This marks a 20.6% increase in the issues that could most affect the development of the business during 2022. energy costs The issue that worries you the most is the lack of talent. skilled workforcequoted by another 16.3% of those consulted.

possible rise interest rates Considering the increase in indebtedness during the pandemic, it ranks third with 14.1% of responses; while the consequences war in ukraine and lack raw materials appears in the fourth and fifth positions. The pandemic worries only 8.3% of respondents, only before digital transformation and logistics issues are the other options available.

The main factors that concern companies. David Navarro

In general terms, see Aefa partners. worse prospects for the country as a wholemore so than for the Valencian Community. Thus, in the first case, 69.7% of those consulted rate Spain’s economic situation as 1 or 2 out of 5 -unsuccessful-, while at the regional level 51.5% approve and rate it as 3 or 4.

And something similar happens with political situation, though in this case they suspend both fields. Like this, national level 81.8% gives it the worst possible rating –1 out of 5 and only 3% give it a zero pass and 6.1% give it an outstanding rating. In the case of Valencian Community Those who give the worst possible rating to the regional political situation are also in the majority. less emphatic: 54.5%. 15.2% give a 4 out of 5 and another 12.1% equivalent to a remarkable score.

Source: Informacion


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