this ants they can be vermin Your house is very annoying day by day. There are times when there are colonies ant hills There are so many of them that you will have to deal with them, but that does not mean that you should destroy them with harmful chemicals that can harm you or those around you, even your pets. Also you don’t need to look for the fumigator because it may incur unnecessary cost, there are other ways to terminate it. Species Also known as Formicidae.


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Here we offer you 10 natural and inexpensive remedies to remove them vermin without anyone getting hurt in the process. Watch out for cheats.

1. Vinegar (mixed in equal proportions with water)

Vinegar emits a strong odor repels ants instantly because these insects hate vinegar smell. Also, this liquid removes the odor marks they use to move around, so it’s quite effective. Coat ant entryways and all corners and areas, including countertops, sinks, and windows, with vinegar.

2. Lemon juice

Acid spoils the sense of orientation. ants so spray where you see them passing.

How to eliminate ant infestation. Getty Pictures

3. Talcum powder or chalk

One of the ingredients of chalk and baby powder is talc. natural ant repellent. Put it wherever ants enter your home.

Tricks to kill ants: chalk powder free

4. Baking soda and sugar

It is a harmful mixture for the body. antsso they will run away from it.

5. Coffee beans

The scent ants they emit expelled. Therefore, place it at strategic points such as the garden and outside of your house.

Coffee helps fight ants

6. cornmeal

Apparently, it is also effective against an infestation. ants. It spreads along the usual path of insects.

Homemade tricks to exterminate ants at home free

7. Cucumber and citrus peels

They are toxic to the types of fungi the ants feed on and therefore ants avoid them. Leave in areas of known ant activity.

8. Mint

What are mint leaves or tea bags good for? scare the ants. Put them around windows and doors and where insects come in.

Peppermint can help you fight ants pixabay

9. Herbs and spices

Bay leaves and other herbs emit a strong odor that repels ants. Put them in cabinets and drawers. Cinnamon, black pepper or garlic will do the same, so sprinkle these spices where you see ants.

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10. Borax

mix with water and sugar and spread the resulting paste in the corners where ants are seen.