Children’s Prosecutor’s Office will investigate the ‘naked men’ case in Almendralejo

National Police This Monday morning, report and investigation into nudists Artificial intelligence (IA) Minors from Almendralejo. So far there are at least thirty girls affected and ten alleged perpetrators have been identified; these were all young children between the ages of 12 and 14. The footage was then distributed through various channels.

According to reports From now on, the Public Ministry will launch an investigation to determine whether the incidents constitute a crime. Although it warns, if this is the case, As stated in the law on minors, proceedings will only be initiated against alleged perpetrators who are over the age of 14, and minors of this age will not be prosecuted. In this way, the prosecutor’s office Where appropriate, he will apply “such procedures as he deems appropriate to verify the genuineness and responsibility of each of the minors in his commission.”

For minors under the age of 14, Legislative provisions regarding the protection of minors in the Civil Code and other applicable provisions will be applied. Like this, The Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office will file a lawsuit and send the file to the Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office on the grounds that they cannot be convicted because they cannot be held responsible due to their age. extremadural joint Testimonies of persons deemed necessary, To evaluate your situation. If it sees it that way, it will be the Government of Extremadura that will encourage appropriate conservation measures. As this newspaper reported last Sunday, the regional government may decide to issue protection orders for these minor perpetrators if it considers that the actions they committed may be a result of their family or social circumstances. This protection will be done in order to correct these problems and therefore put an end to these behaviors.

Crimes they may face include distribution of child pornography and crimes against privacy In the case of adults, they are sentenced to imprisonment. Therefore, measures requiring deprivation of liberty, such as detention, may also be applied to those who have already reached the age of 14. However, this will be decided after the prosecutor’s office examines the file.

Source: Informacion


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