Farewell to Ana Rosa Quintana: Announced that she will not present ‘TardeAR’

Finally one of these The most anticipated days of the 2023/2024 television season: September is already ready and after days of waiting, Ana Rosa Quintana says goodbye to the mornings and moves to the afternoons with the Telecinco program ‘TardeAR’, which fills the gap left by the cancellation of ‘Save me’ last June. .

While Jorge Javier Vázquez, the host of the hit show, was replaced by Pablo Motos at the helm of ‘Cuentos Chinos’, with still poor audience results, QUintana moved into one of the most complex groups to compete with ‘And now Sonsoles’.

At the same time Telecinco saved one of the biggest “goose that lays golden eggs‘, ‘Big Brother VIP 8′ starring Marta Flich, and ’25 Palabras’, the ‘copy’ of ‘Pasapalabra’, which was surprisingly canceled last Friday, September 15, have been definitively eliminated.

‘Tarde AR’ does not meet expectations

As in ‘Cuentos Chinos’ and Jorge Javier Vázquez, afternoonAR‘Failed to meet Mediaset’s expectations: Far from the 15.1% audience share achieved by the last ‘Sálvame’ in its farewell (1,234,000 viewers), ‘TardeAR’ only managed to garner an 11.3% share, leaving it almost 100,000 people short of reaching the million barrier.

Ana Rosa Quintana’s new offer, Produced by Unicorn Content in association with Mediaset EspañaMonday, September 18, began with a tribute to María Teresa Campos, who died on September 5: “the long-gone pioneers of the small screen.”

Among the heroes of the premiere use of augmented reality and artificial intelligence Creating an ‘infoshow’ style and giving oxygen to the content; ‘Zero Row’ section, which has been maintained since the morning; and the large and well-equipped set on which the program takes place: a true representation of the resources.

But with everything and with that ‘TardeAR’ He managed to conquer the audience on his first day, and in some media “to hit“, although yes: it managed to narrowly beat its main rival ‘And now Sonsoles’, which decided to withdraw advertising throughout the program to prevent viewers from being transferred to other channels.

Ana Rosa Quintana spoke in person Interview with El Mundo newspaper on what might happen on opening day: “I knew what I would lose if I changed a show like ‘Sálvame,’ but the decision to close it had already been made and I couldn’t do it.” After clarifying this, he stated: “He proposed to me shortly after Salem arrived. They gave me an explanation and I realized that I owed it to them. They wanted a change to make more family-friendly television and wanted me in the afternoon. And that’s it. “It was a difficult time for Mediaset and they needed me.”

The presenter was already clear: “Look, we are already old and the experience of knowing how and why things are done. “The important thing is to sleep peacefully, and I sleep very peacefully.”

Regarding criticisms of his ideology and overt political commentsHe declared that he would express his “political opinion freely” and claimed that he had “earned the right to say what I think”.

Ana Rosa Quintana at TardeAR. TELECINCO

In this sense, he touched upon one of the most controversial parts of the program: “In ‘FirmAR’ my monologue is mine and mine alone. This is my opinion, right or wrong, and I don’t want to infect others because in my program everyone can say whatever they want and give their opinion. “I firmly believe in freedom of speech, and that’s something I don’t like lately.”

About possible disaster, Quintana said: “I don’t think about failure. I don’t take that action because we don’t have to cause destruction. I want what we all want on television: the support of the people. I respect freedom.” Let others express themselves, see you or not. “Criticism does not harm me, anything else is an insult, an image, the use of my image.”

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