Ibex started the 35th week with a decrease of 0.34% and lost 9,500 points

Ibex started the first session of 35 weeks with a decrease of 0.34%, which caused the selector to lose levels. 9,500 pointsuntil we reach the integer 9,469.32.

At the same time as the start of the elective session, it became known that industrial prices in Spain fell by 10% in August compared to the same month in 2022; This rate was almost 1.5 points lower than recorded in July and the most significant since 2020. The beginning of the series is in 1976.

The day will also be celebrated with the publication of the index prepared by the Institute. Munich Economic Research (Ifo) Business confidence in Germany.

Preliminary September inflation data will be announced in Spain and Germany on Thursday, and CPI data for the same period in France, the USA and the Euro Zone will be published on Friday.

The biggest gains on the Ibex 35 in the early stages of Monday’s session were recorded by Fluidra (+1.26%), Logista (+0.2%), Aena (+0.11%) and Indra (+0.07%). On the other hand, the biggest declines were recorded by ArcelorMittal (-2.37%), Bankinter (-1.6%), Merlin Properties (-1.44%) and Acerinox (-1.27%).

Hang Seng, one of the main stock market indices of the Chinese market and bringing together more than 40 companies traded on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, lost around 1.9 percent at the opening of European markets. After Chinese real estate giant Evergrande announced that one of its main subsidiaries, Hengda Real Estate, “will not qualify” for the new bond issuance because it is under investigation.

The Chinese company’s shares fell more than 20 percent to 0.44 Hong Kong dollars (0.0528 euros) per share at 9 a.m. Spanish time.

The main European stock exchanges also opened this Monday with a negative sign: 0.27% for London, 0.25% for Frankfurt, 0.24% for Paris and 0.22% for Milan.

At the opening of the stock market, the barrel price of Brent quality oil, which is the reference for the Old Continent, rose by 0.5 percent to $92.42, while Texas rose by 0.51 percent to $90.49.

The price of the euro against the dollar increased in the foreign exchange market ‘dollar’ up to 1.0646In the debt market, the interest rate on the 10-year Spanish bond rose to 3.825%.

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