Susanna Griso on her relationship with Ana Rosa: “They wanted to sell a war that didn’t exist”

‘Ana Rosa program’ Y ‘People’s mirror’ They’ve been competing for spectators every morning for over 15 years. For this reason, the supposed hostility between their servers has been mentioned many times. Anna Quintana Y suzanne gray. But the host of Antena 3’s morning magazine wanted to make it clear that the rumors pointing to a bad relationship were unfounded.

“They wanted to sell a very sick and nonexistent war between us”confirmed the journalist in an interview with Yo Dona. In addition, professionally his programs are “very different”, personally he is “real”. the fact that we are two women probably strengthened the story of confrontation And a lot has been played with it.

“Even though our trajectories had nothing to do with it, we’ve been compared many times because I’ve spent my entire career in the news,” Griso says, downplaying this illusory “confrontation” created by the transition. your years: “It’s always been very funny to us”.

Although they see less of each other now, the person from Antena 3 recalls in the interview that “we once had a meal together”. Sometimes they also met with Mariló Montero, María Teresa Campos and Concha García Campoy: “Morning Queens… It was hilarious”.

Griso thinks the duo led “professional rivalries with great grace”, but admits they had “fights” at some point. In this sense, he talks about the so-called “headphone wars” to have the same hero as before. However, they claim to be “these are living things and they look a lot more angry than they really are”.

Source: Informacion


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