Summer is coming and with it the high temperatures that invite you to enjoy a good dip on the beach or in the pool. If you prefer the latter, Leroy Merlin’s excellent pool model catalog has it for you. this swimming pool major No study required so you can get it any time of the year, without having to wait months for the job to be finished.


  • This is the most sought after removable pool on the market

  • The perfect pools for your home where you won’t be spending a fortune

Installation couldn’t be easier. luxury and elegant and comfortable. This original pool is white and made of aluminum. The volume of water in cubic meters is 1.1, and the lining thickness is 85/100 centimeters.

Dimensions and features of the Mallorca pool by Leroy Merlin

The height of this Leroy Merlin pool model is another of its advantages due to the Mallorca pool dimensions. 1.20 meters high. This feature makes it perfect for anyone to take a bath without worrying it will be too deep for kids.

As for the remaining dimensions, this polymeric pool is 1 meter wide, making it too large to be an unemployed pool. 2.20 meters and 4.50 meters length and that makes it perfect great gardens.

It’s called Mallorca and it’s available in three sizes. INFORMATION

This great invention costs 15,399 Euros and you have up to 100 days to return it if he doesn’t convince us. You can also find accessories in the Leroy Merlin catalog that make this rectangular pool a fully configurable option without working. Among them Accessories we find a ladder module, a desk module and a mat module to configure it as we want.

In addition, it is important to note that this pool from Leroy Merlin has a number of accessories that are not included with the purchase of the pool, making it a pool. Indispensable for hot summer days.

But don’t worry if you don’t have that much space in your garden because this luxury pool is available in two other sizes from Leroy Merlin:

This Leroy Merlin model has a smaller measurement of 3.95×2.2×0.68 meters (width x length x depth) and is priced at 10,389 euros.

This Leroy Merlin model has a smaller size of 2.9 × 1.8 × 0.68 meters (width x length x depth) and is priced at 8,399 euros.

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Where can I buy Leroy Merlin’s pool?

The large French company has 74 stores, and you can find the closest store to your home on the Leroy Merlin website.