this bathroom It is one of the parts of the house where it is more. germs so you collect cleaning It should be frequent and deliberate. A bathtub with traces of soap and pattern or a toilet dirty is not the image we want our guests to see. Same way, bathroom screen Y drainage It is other areas of the toilet that give more headaches to those in charge of the toilet. homework. And this lime deposits in these crystals not easy to remove. However, a cleaning trick what is known as “Grandma’s Advice” for remove dirt Y Dust producing tap water in toilet furniture in one minute. Also, about a natural remedy leaving behind anti-limescale productsIncluding Chemicals which can be harmful to the environment.


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Specifically, to execute cleaning the shower curtainYou need an amazing material that you may have never dreamed of using. Clear house: raw potatoes Yes, while reading. And this is because it is ideal for the elimination of lumps. stains lime and keep the shower on perfect conditions of the a quick and easy way.

How to clean the shower curtain to make it like new.

At first, the first thing you should do cut your leg in half and rub the inside surface all over the chamber until it is completely covered with the juice produced by this tubercle. And finally, remove the remnants of this product with a clean, dry cloth.

In this way, you can get rid of lime spots on your skin. shower or tubwhich will come back shine like the first day. Also remember that when it comes to a natural remedyyou can apply this to deceive Several times a week if you want.

cleaning tips

Note that you can find it periodically. In our decoration department cleaning tricks It aims to improve your quality of life. You don’t have to spend a lot of time with sack You don’t have to spend a lot of money on your hand either. on the contrary, there homemade solutions what do they give best results. if you know how Cleareverything will be easier. you will save a lot of money and you will also have more free time where everything matters and everything accumulates.

Cleaning tips: tips for thoroughly cleaning the house

Cleaning tips: tips for thoroughly cleaning the house
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For example, we told you this last week ten cleaning tips to leave your home spotless in less than an hour. Similarly, we offered you homemade trick to clean the sofa and others tapestries quickly and easily.

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