clean house This is something that always costs time (and sometimes even a lot of money, especially if you have to leave it in the hands of the professionals). Therefore, we invite you to visit periodically. decoration section (available here) where we’ve compiled the most useful tips to keep your home always ready. Today, without going any further, we show you How can you keep the crystals of your home always bright?. And there is no other way but to use newspaper. Simple and cheap.


  • How do you clean your kitchen tiles with white stone in five minutes?

Many times when you put yourself cleaning windows You will find that it is very difficult to clean the windows and make them shiny, both in the living room and in the kitchen (especially in these seconds when the oil in the kitchen sticks all day). We have the solution: Leave the cloth and the substance you used. clean and use newspaper and a solution of water and some dissolved alcohol. With this homemade cleaner you will be able to remove all the oil and after a while it will not appear again.

If there is a lot of dirt (you know, when you open a house that you only use in the summer), then you can use a much more aggressive trick: rub an onion against the glass. This will help the dirt go away better. Don’t worry, it doesn’t leave too much odor. In one of our articles, we told you how to use lemon as a kind of natural cleanser. You can also use it on the crystals in that lemon solution. It’s also a way to add a nice fragrance to the mix, which can provide the freshness we all like to smell when washing.

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When cleaning, it’s also important to remove grease and grime as it takes time to reappear. So we give you another tip: Close the blinds when leaving the house. Or at least leave them for part of the day. This way you will see how there is less dust. Normally, a lot of dirt from the cities entering through the window accumulates on the windows of the house. Less is in your hands, so you need much less maintenance and cleaning.