Consell launches an education cycle on sustainable economics and corporate social responsibility

The Ministry of Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Trade and Labor and the Valencian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FVMP) launched an education cycle. sustainable economy and social responsibility Valencian company to disseminate these good practices necessary for the implementation of a sustainable economy throughout the Valencian Community.

This training cycle, realized through agreement between both organisations, is aimed at local organisations, organizations and the Valencian business sector, employment contracts, union staff and universities.

Rafa Climent, Regional Minister of Sustainable Economy, said that “education on social responsibility, economy for the common good, sustainable economy and related sustainable development goals is for local organizations and SMEs as well as know good practices An exemplary project for all citizens from the municipal level to advance in the transformation of our development model based on social and environmental sustainabilityā€¯.

Four sessions have been planned so far, Onda, San Vicente del Raspeig, Sagunto and AlziraIntermediate cities without provincial capitals, but very important in the regional sphere, because the spirit of this education cycle is also to promote the structuring of the region through all municipalities.

In this sense, Climent says, “this training cycle, creation of strategies, projects and networks With the common aim of supporting sustainable economy and social responsibility in Valencia company from municipalities”.

The training cycle will provide informative support and skills for the implementation of sustainable economy in our reality and learn to prepare a sustainability report that allows to measure, audit and manage the performance of companies and their impact on society from a social, economic and tripartite perspective. It will make it possible to measure the ethical success of the organization and its contribution to the common good, with a special preference in the balance of the common good.

Training takes place face-to-face and online. The first conference was held on 26 May in the municipality of Onda “Why is it necessary to improve sustainability in SMEs in Valencia through social responsibility tools and non-financial reporting?” will be titled.

The second day will be “hooded” on June 9 in the municipality of San Vicente del Raspeig.Legislation and related methodologies in the practice of sustainability in companies”.

The third day will be held on June 23 in the municipality of Sagunto with the title “The role of social actors in the sustainability of SMEs”.

The fourth day will be held on September 15 in the municipality of Alzira with the title “Good practices in the implementation of sustainability and social responsibility in Valencian SMEs. The role of finance”.

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