Luis Lorenzo’s lawyer points to possible food contamination as cause of partner’s aunt’s death

this Luis Lorenzo’s lawyerThe actor, who was released on bail and accused of poisoning his partner’s aunt, questions the evidence accusing the actor and claims this. The person who died due to the consumption of fish with mercury may have been previously contaminated.

The popular actor and his partner were arrested by the Civil Guard last week. Complaint of 85-year-old brother, alleged victimand brought to justice. After appearing before the judge, they were released with the obligation to surrender their passports and appeared in the court closest to their homes every week.

Attorney Francisco PĂ©rez will lead the joint defense of the two defendants. As a result of the second autopsy performed on the deceased, a high rate of heavy metal was detected..

In his statements to Telecinco collected by Europa Press, the lawyer argued: your customers have nothing to hide and emphasized that they considered themselves innocent without giving any explanation for the presence of these metals in the actor’s aunt’s body.

We do not know at what levels these metals are, whether they are the ultimate cause of death, and whether these metals are compatible with habitual consumption. There may be previous contamination. “We need to question whether the chain of custody is legal or not,” he said.

This Sunday, lawyer is behind contamination in another response to Telecinco habitual consumption of fish containing high doses of mercury.

As for the possible economic reason for the murder claim, he said in a statement Monday: There is a will from May 2021, when the direct relatives of the player’s partner are already excluded and they reached this universal heir.

According to the defendants’ account, Arancha P.’s aunt wanted to live in Madrid and settled with the couple in Rivas, as they were tasked with taking her to specialists after she was diagnosed with dementia. In fact, he will accredit the visit to different medical centers.

Source: Informacion


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