You have a small apartment and you don’t want to buy it by putting things on the little space you have. Wonderful table. You are looking for a table to eat on your terrace but at the same time you do not want to leave it there, it is perennial, it takes up space.


  • Anti-humidity device sold in all Lidl stores

  • Lidl’s inexpensive dresser you can put anywhere

The solution is clear: a table folding. And we found the perfect one in Lidl. The German supermarket chain sells a folding table that you can place in any corner, and this is the most multidirectional.

This colorful painting matte white has four smooth working drawers, where you can store cutlery and napkins, for example, if you are going to use them for food. It also has a shelf underneath to store other accessories. The table can stay folded up and take up little more than a dresser, but the really interesting thing is that you can unfold it however you want.

Lidl Furniture | The most versatile desk of the German chain LIDL

You can open one of its boards and one or two people can eat it, and if you open the second it can use up to four people. The table weighs 34.6 pounds and supports up to 30 pounds of weight. Unfolded dimensions are 150x74x80 cm and the price is 119.99 €.

Other Lidl tables

You can find others in the German supermarket chain. side tables You can place it in the living room of your home. These tables are extremely original and have the ideal size to leave the controls or a glass of water, or to combine the two in front of your sofa and place them next to your sofa to create an original combination.

One of the tables is made of clear glass and has original steel bars that hold it in a golden hue. You can put things that weigh no more than five kilograms. It has a diameter of 32.5 and a height of 42 cm. its price 29.99 €.

Lidl Furniture | Two side tables that you can use in your living room LIDL

The second of the tables is slightly larger, being 42 centimeters in diameter and 44 in height. This table is also made of glass and steel, but you support it with circles. also costs 29.99 €.

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