Order and cleanliness. These are the two principles of housework. If you manage to have it all regular clothes and in the right place, you will save a lot of time. Clear and getting this feeling order. And it goes without saying that when you search for any garment, it will be much easier to find.


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But in this study, perhaps the greatest forgotten, shoe. Many times you don’t know where to put them or you can’t find the perfect place to put them. shoemaker. If you are looking for an alternative to typical wooden shoe racks, lidl You have a different and very economical option.

Lidl fabric shoe rack

Choice more economical One you can find on Lidl shoemaker black fabric. This type of furniture has many advantages as you can store it neatly without dusting and taking up little space. You can store until 16 pairs of shoes (if it’s flip-flops, another one will fit).

The shoe rack has a folding front cover, so if you don’t want your shoe racks to be visible, simply open it and you can hide them. It can also be expanded with another shelf on top of it, thus maximizing space saving.

Lidl shoe rack | It is a simple piece of furniture with a large storage capacity. LIDL

The shoe rack has a stretched metal frame to give it away. stabilityreinforced partitions and protective feet to avoid scratching the floor.

It measures 84x66x35 cm and weighs 2.8 kilograms, and stands out with its ease of assembly thanks to its self-adhesive and snap-on system. Sold through the Lidl website and costs 21,99 €.

More shoe shops on Lidl

If you’re looking for a more traditional option with furniture, you have a few options as well, although they’re all currently sold out for purchase online. The first of the shoe racks is wooden and it is the L model. It is available in two colors, white and oak, and is approximately suitable for the size. 18 pairs of shoes in three drop-down panes. It measures 105x59x22 cm, weighs 16.07 kilograms and its price 52.99 €.

Lidl shoe rack | These three options are the most traditional shoe cabinets. LIDL

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If this model is small for you, you can choose the XL version. So you will have five drawers 32 pairs of shoes and some dimensions are superior to the previous one: 170x59x22 centimeters. It weighs 24.8 kilograms and is the same price as the previous model.

Finally, you have another shoe rack with three white drawers that you can fit into. 9 pairs of shoes. Aesthetically very similar to traditional Ikea and that cost 39.99 €.