A British murderer, Spain’s biggest money-forger or a pimp: these are the ten most wanted criminals

this National Police launched a campaign to locate ten fugitives related to different national and international courts for crimes related to murder, drug traffickingcounterfeit coins or sexual abuse of minorswanted in some cases because they have not been disclosed for over 15 years.

Citizen cooperation can be decisive for their location; therefore, a specific email address losmasbuscados@policia.es has been created so that citizens who believe they have any information that could lead to their whereabouts can forward it to researchers in an appropriate manner. hidden. In addition, any information about his whereabouts can be transmitted from 091.

Only in 2021, Fugitive Division joined 417 fugitive arrests The number of people arrested on different national and international charges since 2017 has reached 2,272.

List of the ten most wanted people

Derek McGraw as Ferguson

wanted by murder. He is alleged to have been the murderer of a waiter who was killed by a bullet to his chest in the parking lot of the tavern where he worked in Glasgow, England, in June 2007. Investigators believe the two people waiting for the waiter in the parking lot were Derek McGraw Ferguson and another man whose body was found weeks later in an oil barrel in the Clyde River. leakage measures 1.55 meters, fair-skinned and has obvious hair lossShe could get a hair transplant or wear a wig. In addition, part of his left ear may be missing, retouched with plastic surgery. At the time he had several tattoos on his left arm: a heart, an arrow and a dagger. He can be dangerous and armed. 58 years old.

Diego Dario Gonzalez Gersi

40 year old wanted Alleged that he sexually abused his daughter, younger. The girl’s mother stated that she noticed that in many cases the minor had consulted web pages about sexual contact (rape or pornography of minors). The underage boy finally reported being abused for five years. The fugitive is 1.70 meters tall and has dark eyes. Have tattoos on both legs, both arms and also on the back. She could wear an earring on her left eyebrow.

Viviana Andrea Vallejo Gutierrez

Facilitated the arrival of women in Spainto those who collect a debt they have to pay by prostitution. He ran several houses dedicated to him and traded cocaine in the same houses. He is 1.48 meters tall, very skinny and has green eyes. He is 36 years old and can be easily diagnosed thanks to a mole on his left side between his nose and lip. Galician accent and very careful hands.

Manuel Herrero Munoz

with someone else, allegedly killed a man in Mexico City by attacking him with a sharp instrument causing neck and cervical and thoracic trauma. He then buried it in a barrel filled with cement, in a warehouse located in the same building. He is 33 years old, 1.75 meters tall and slim build. She has brown hair and very light blue eyes. a surgical scar on left arm and anchor tattoo on middle finger Left. He speaks English perfectly.

Norbert Kohler

44 years old. held on 30 August 2017 212 kilos of cocaine In the town of Majadahonda, Madrid. He is also being investigated money laundering related to the drug trade. He was also involved in nine robberies in the Czech Republic as a member of a gang in 2000 and 2001. In some of these cases, he pretended to be part of the police patrol, stopping victims who were abducted in a van on the way to a group member’s vacation home or elsewhere. They were held and tortured until victims gave them keys to safes, house keys, access codes, credit cards, cash, vehicles, and other valuables along with their keys. leakage measures He is 1.86 meters tall, has light blue eyes and is considered quite dangerous.. You may be armed.

Luis Martinez Calleja’s photo.

He’s a known criminal specialized moon landing. On March 9, 2014, while being detained in Madrid I Prison Center (Alcalá Meco), he escaped, taking advantage of being transferred to the Alcalá de Henares hospital. He is extremely aggressive in the presence of the police and attacks agents repeatedly. She is 29 years old, 1.68 meters tall and has dark hair. He has tattoos on both his left and right wrists. get your attention scar on upper lip.

Nikolai Shterev Kurkuchev

Claimed to be 53 years old leader of an international organization dedicated to the trafficking of large quantities of narcotics From South America to Europe, mainly through containers of Colombian, Bulgarian and Spanish individuals. The fugitive would be the head of the organization in Bulgaria and the person who bought the cocaine in that country. He has multiple tattoos on both arms, fair skin and blue eyes. He can be dangerous and armed.

Ramon Saavedra Lopez

This accused of willful murder. Because he didn’t pay 200 Euros, he went to his boss’s house with other people. As the victim was about to enter her home, the defendants pushed her inside with balaclavas and gloves. One of them pressing hard at neck height causing occlusion and caused his death by suffocation, as stated in the letter of the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor. Then they went to the room where the deceased’s mother was, tied her with reins, shook her and beat her to confiscate the 50 euros in her robe. The fugitive is 38 years old and reacts extremely aggressively to dangerous and stressful situations. It is characterized by a special elusive and evasive ability. Measurement 1.65 meters and dark hair.

Manuel Bellido Moreno

He was ultimately sentenced to nine years in prison for printing and distributing counterfeit money. it is accepted Spain’s biggest money forgerand Bellido is accused of being a member of a criminal syndicate dedicated to counterfeiting high-value bills, during which he will be the main function of distributing counterfeit money throughout Spain during 2013. 46 years old, Measures two meters and both his skin and eyes are brown. It has easy access to elements that can falsify documents, credit cards, and traveler’s checks, among others, making them difficult to identify.

Tom Michaelson

Tom Richard may use other names such as Diane Michielsen, Vermeiren or Heinrich Schmidt, he is 46 years old and of Belgian descent. It is alleged that he was involved in the incident crimes related to drug trafficking, money laundering and arms trafficking. He is considered a dangerous fugitive as he may have firearms. It is of normal structure and blue eyed.

The key to locating many of them is international cooperation through 2022 through the European Network of Fugitive Active Search Teams -ENFAST- led by the Police.

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