TVE takes ‘El Conquistador’ debate to new territory after poor reception

‘Conqueror’ We cannot achieve the expected results TVE. The format, whose original version has been a ratings phenomenon on Basque television for almost two decades, arrived on La 1 prime time on September 11 with accurate viewership figures but far from expectations. But, The big blow came last Wednesday when the debate started.

Space offered by Raquel Sánchez Silva And Marc Calderobut could reach 4.7% screen share with 394,000 viewers in the middle of ‘prime time’. Therefore, public television decided to move the debate to a new time slot to give the debate a new opportunity.

TVE announced that the second episode will be broadcast next Monday. Right after the fourth episode of ‘Fatih’. In this way, the debate partners will be able to exchange ideas about the latest events in the camps at the end of the program.

‘El Conquistador’ challenges its viewers with the most extreme adventures on television with a flawless production. It started its journey with a share of almost 12% with over a million viewers.. While its second installment managed to rise up to 12.5 percent due to the Spain-Cyprus drift, its third installment decreased to 10.2 percent.

Source: Informacion


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