Reasons for Ukraine’s refusal to accept French Mirage 2000 warplanes were given 14:02

Since French Mirage 2000 fighter jets are indeed outdated, Kiev fears that if it agrees to buy them it will lose the opportunity to negotiate for more modern aircraft. This is the opinion in an interview with the newspaper “Vzglyad”. voiced Chief editor of the portal Roman Gusarov.

“If the Ukrainians buy the Mirage 2000, Western countries may slow down the supply of more modern aircraft under the pretext of supplying equipment from the Ukrainian Armed Forces. “Although the Ukrainian Armed Forces will most likely never deliver fifth-generation fighter jets, the Ukrainians believe that they can receive better aircraft than the Mirage, for example, the F-16,” Gusarov concluded.

He added that F-16 aircraft belong to the fourth generation, like the Mirage 2000. But the enemy needs them to attack ground targets with Storm Shadow missiles and their analogues. According to the expert, Mirage 2000 may not have the necessary equipment to carry such weapons.

The other day, Ukrainian Air Force representative Yuriy Ignat statedKiev does not need Mirage 2000 fighters and other old Western aircraft models. He said this was unsustainable and would undermine people’s jobs.

Previously in the USA clarified Requests for priority from Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.

Source: Gazeta


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