Psychologists list the benefits of sleeping separately in close relationships Psychology Today: sleeping separately often helps partners strengthen relationships 12:19

The fact that spouses and partners living together choose to sleep in different beds does not necessarily indicate a crisis in the relationship. In some cases, this can help people maintain a healthy home environment and avoid conflict. This was reported by oppression Psychology Today.

According to psychologist Mark Travers, individual sleeping habits and habits often become the source of problems in couples. These may be caused by loud snoring, different sleep patterns, restless sleep, or apnea (a breathing disorder in which the sleeper stops breathing for short periods of time).

According to previous research, insufficient sleep by one partner can lead to worsening relationships, more arguments, and decreased overall satisfaction with interactions between spouses or lovers.

Psychologists have found that insufficient sleep not only affects mood, but also disrupts an important aspect of the relationship dynamic: empathy. Due to insomnia, it became difficult for both partners to understand their partner’s feelings, as a result, even minor disagreements began to turn into serious conflicts, even causing the relationship to break up.

Experts offer two ways to help people maintain healthy sleep and not drift away from each other.

First of all, couples should sleep separately on weekdays and spend weekends in the same bed. This helps strengthen relationships and protect mutual interests.

Secondly, partners should pay attention to joint rituals before going to bed. Rituals are any procedures that help the brain calm and relax. For couples, this could be watching TV series together, discussing the news of the day, or even meditating. They help people sleep apart from each other without alienating their partners.

Psychologists before I learnedLack of sleep can lead to divorce or separation.

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