A gang who paid Barajas companies to deliver cocaine to their employees crashed

Barajas GOE Group and Madrid Provincial Brigade XV. disbanded a dedicated criminal organization drug trafficking Action has been initiated to stop the detention of 13 people eight among them employees of companies operating at the airport Madrid manages to capture more 200 kilos of cocaine In great naivete, Madrid Command reported in a press release this Monday.

The first actions date back to 2021, in an operation set up by the Civil Guard to check for abandoned luggage at the Airport.161 kilos of cocaine intervention Distributed from Silvio Pettirossi airport in AsunciĆ³n (Paraguay) to backpacks for removal from airport facilities.

Through CITCO and through established police coordination procedures, agents have confirmed that their investigations overlap with the Airport National Police Station and Group XV of the Madrid Provincial Brigade, with whom they are participating in joint working efforts. Thus, they started the joint investigation of ‘Operation Democles Air Force’.

Late night flights and fake labels

split group Used flights arriving at Madrid international airport at dawn. Luggage was shipped from origin bearing fake tags, deposited in airlines’ warehouses at the airport as it was not claimed by any passenger.

This is done by the workers concerned who are aware of such a procedure, try to get out try to get the narcotic from the airport by bypassing the police checks.

During the months of the investigation, agents identify eight workers linked to companies at Madrid airport who is involved in this criminal activity. The surveillance work they were subjected to led investigators to identify seven more people who were members of this organized group.

The ringleader is a citizen of Dominican descent. He was a person working at Madrid airport until 2020, so he knew the inner workings very well. He was also the connecting element between the group.

this guy he had succeeded in creating a complex framework whose purpose was to collect goods within the airport. and transferring it to the final distribution point. He was the only one who knew all the members of the group.

Thus, airport employees took the goods to an apartment located near the Wanda Metropolitano football stadium.

The next step from there took him to a chalet in Getafe, where the ringleader’s lieutenant carried out the deployment. They also had other collaborators to transport goods outside of the region. To do this, they used workers in a workshop tasked with camouflaging the drugs in vehicles and handling the transportation.

While 13 people were arrested in the operation, an investigation was opened against 14 people.13 men and one woman of Spanish, Dominican, Cuban and Colombian nationality. Two of those detained have priors for drug dealing-related offenses.

Agents conducted 10 searches of homes in the towns of Getafe, Madrid and Valdemoro. They seized 202,851 grams of high-purity cocaine in three seizures. Substances and materials for the adulteration and distribution of drugs were also included in the records. In addition, four firearms, ammunition, approximately 140,000 euros in cash and a currency counter were seized.

The detainees are charged with crimes against public health, drug trafficking, membership of a criminal organization, money laundering, possession of illegal weapons and electricity fraud.

Source: Informacion


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