Not all of us are lucky enough to have something great terrace or although the patio has become the most desirable in all homes after the pandemic. Having a small space where you can relax, let the sun rays in, or just go outside for some air can bring you life.


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If you are one of those who have small terraceYou’re in luck, because you can get a lot out of this space with little. We suggest you reinvent it, give it a shot and you will discover that you can get more out of it than you thought.

A table and some chairs

Even if your place is small. a table and a chair they can fit you. You have a very affordable set at Ikea that can be fully folded, so you can place it in any corner when not in use. Tarno set comes in different colors with wood. (between 45 and 59 euros).

But even if this solution doesn’t fit on your terrace, you can still choose to hang one. folding table torparoWhen you are not using it, it is completely fixed to the railing or the wall so that the shelf does not disturb you.

Decorate the small terrace | Tables and chairs that can be adapted to any corner IKEA SPAIN

illuminate, key

Creating strategic light points will always enhance and refresh your terrace. If you have very little space, wreaths are a great option because you can hang them on the wall or anywhere else you can imagine. Inside ikea They can be simple bulbs with a white or even colored cap.

Another very functional decorative element are typical lanterns, as well as candles, because now battery-operated models are extremely realistic.

Decorate small terraces | With wreaths, a lantern or candles you’ll get amazing results. IKEA SPAIN

decorate with plants

Any self-respecting terrace must have floors. The ones you like the most and the ones that adapt to that area. If you have a very sunny terrace, choose outdoor plants that can withstand the sun well and can withstand the cold if you live in an area where the temperature drops at night, according to the location of your terrace.

You can always search to place your plants Original shelves like Olivblad (17 euros), with three shelves at different heights where you can put your pots. If you choose plants with a little fall, you will have a very harmonious cluster and fill this space with life.

If you want to save even more space, you can opt for typical wooden trellises that you can fix on the wall and on which, for example, a beautiful vine can grow.

Decorate small terraces | Plants and soil can breathe new life into this space. IKEA SPAIN

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Radical change, change your soil

Now if you want to complete the whole, finish by changing the floor. The point is not to replace it, but to put a decorative floor over the floor you already have. At Ikea you have several models with beautiful geometric decoration in wood, imitation of grass and even in white. Now that will be a special touch!