Experience a unique journey through Bolivia with Viajar

Travel sets off again on another of its iconic trips from September 14-25. B travel Xperience in collaboration with the Spanish Geographical Society, where you can join. A trip through the most dreamy Bolivia to discover the Salar de Uyni, one of the few geographical features visible from the Moon; Gaze at the incredibly colorful lagoons formed by flocks of flamingos; or recall this country’s colonial past through picturesque cities such as Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Sucre or Potosi.

The trip will be accompanied by the author and the traveler. George Travers, He is the person who turns his passion for travel into his profession. The author of ‘Uruguay, hidden treasure’ or ‘Japan, the land of harmony’, Traver knows how over the years he will coexist with exotic cultures, explore little-known corners and have incredible experiences that he later captures in his books. And now expedition members will have the privilege to share their first-hand experience with the travel writer.

A unique journey in Bolivia with Viajar.

colonial ruins

After a pleasant introduction to get to know the city Works at Santa Cruz de la Sierra, expedition members will begin their fascinating journey by exploring Sucre, considered by Bolivians the cradle of the country’s independence. Indigenous art museums, panoramic views of the city, imposing cathedrals and other buildings of great historical value are some of the stops to be made in this World Heritage Site. He is not the only one to hold this UNESCO-granted title. So is Potos. Another of the cities that expedition members can visit.

known as Carlos V Imperial Villa and is located at the foot of the legendary mountain. rich hillIt enjoyed great colonial splendor thanks to its silver mines, which were more populated than cities like London or Paris. Today its mines are still the foundation of its industry and travelers will be able to visit the mining market and witness a demonstration of the rock extraction and processing process.

A unique journey in Bolivia with Viajar.

salt deserts

The route will continue along one of the most beautiful roads in Bolivia all the way to Uyuni to have a 4×4 route and visit the salt flat of the same name. We are not talking about anything less than the world’s largest salt desert, simply covered with clouds. Incahuasi Islandguarded by towering giant cacti.

The cruise also includes stops. Mallku Cueva Villamar, San Cristóbal, Culpina K and Alota and visit stupendous settlements and cave paintings such as the Valley of the Rocks, the Vinto and Katal lagoons, and the Tomás Laja necropolis.

A unique journey in Bolivia with Viajar.

multicolored canvases

But if there is a symbolic place, it is Eduardo Idler Reserve and colorful lagoons. Crowned with the glory of Ollagüe volcano, Laguna Colorada offers an incredible red hue due to the presence of red algae. A tone that also showcases its range dali desert, This pays homage to the Catalan genius. The chromatism of the field is hypnotic. Just like what Laguna Verde offers, which will enchant visitors with its fluorescent hue due to the high magnesium concentration in the rocks.

this Moon Valley It is another gem of the region. An enclave of bizarre salt flats, giant sand dunes and interesting rock formations more like our moon. Hence the name. Watching the sunset in this place will turn into an experience.

with one eye licancabur volcano, We will visit the town of Toconao built of volcanic stone and Atacama Salt Flat. Additionally, you will climb the Andes mountain range to reach two incredible lagoons, Miscanti and Meñiques, made up of intense blue and white shores, and let yourself be seduced by a wide variety of wildlife such as flamingos, vicuñas and foxes and all the beauty. altiplano .

A unique journey in Bolivia with Viajar.

A tribute to great journeys

Thus, Bolivia becomes a new destination for legendary expeditions organized by Viajar magazine, inspired by the pioneering spirit of the big world. explorers.

Argentina and Chile Patagonia, Iran, Silk Road, India or Antarctica These are some of the places that other expedition members have already explored. Adventures that allow maximum interaction with local culture, gastronomy, history and traditions. And all thanks to expert historians, archaeologists, travel writers who share their knowledge, experience with the destination, and enthusiasm for exploring the world.

A unique journey in Bolivia with Viajar.

To participate, you can find all information about flights, accommodation, price, itinerary and the full schedule of the Greenland trip on the web: www.expedicionviajar.org. You can also go to its physical store. B travel Xperience, contact at phone number 91 484 11 11 or email: expeditionviajar@btravel.com.

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