North Korea surpasses 100,000 positives once again in one day

health authorities North Korea confirmed this Sunday one death and more than 100,000 new infections coronavirusespecially 100,710 amid the COVID-19 wave that the Asian country is facing.

On Saturday, North Korean authorities reported less than 100,000 cases of coronavirus, below 200,000 infections for the eighth consecutive day, despite the number rising this Sunday.

From the beginning of the first epidemic COVID-19 North Korea on May 12With a population of about 25 million, Recorded more than 3.54 million infections3.36 of them recovered from the disease.

On May 15, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un declared a state of emergency and mobilized troops to contain the spread of the disease, which the State described as a “fever”. Two weeks later, the North Korean leader made a positive assessment of the evolution of the pandemic situation, reporting up to 300,000 cases in just one day since days ago.

Source: Informacion


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