In Gran Canaria, a man sets fire to a friend and throws him into a cistern.

Santa Brígida Local Police arrested one day this Sunday 72-year-old man accused of committing a crime alleged attempted murder to set fire to the bonzo to the one who gave it shelter years at home and then throw it in a cistern. Burns occur on almost the entire body of the affected person, so he is feared for his life.

The incidents occurred at around 11 am in a house in the Camino de La Cruz del Gamonal countryside, inside a farm area isolated from the Gamonal Alto payment. for now The reason why the alleged perpetrator, who is alleged to be the same age, behaved in this way is unknown.apparently they had sheltered him in the family home years ago.

He is now arrested he burned it supposedly in a bonze fashion and then put it in a closed cistern with no foundation.. In addition, some sources state that she locked him up so that he could not get out and suffocated.

AAlthough there were no gas cans in the area at first glance, there seemed to be a strong smell of gasoline in the area, This may be the fuel he used to burn this seventies legal profession.

The detainee is a Cape Verdean citizen who lived in the victim’s home for many years and appears to be of similar age to the victim.

The injured saved his life thanks to the quick response of local agents who intervened in a timely manner. In every situation, burns reach about 90%.

Apparently In the midst of the tension of the moment, it was his wife who sounded the alarm.allows agents to arrive on time to assist you.

The man is in a very serious condition, Dr. He was evacuated to the Negrín hospital, but according to official sources, it was very likely that he would be transferred to a burns unit in Seville, given his condition.

The Civil Guard Judicial Police took charge of the detainee as well as the investigation and related prosecutions.

The alleged perpetrator was apprehended as the alleged perpetrator of an attempted murder crime that resulted in severe injuries and burns to most of his body. And investigators are trying to clarify the reasons for his alleged aggression.

He is known in the area where the injured man has lived for years. And apparently, his usual residence.

Local residents noticed yesterday that they were surprised by the presence of a large number of police officers from different bodies and an ambulance in the middle of the morning.

The incidents occurred on a farm close to two other properties, although it was in a mountainous area with small towns of single-family homes.

Source: Informacion


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