A man smashed a girl’s head against a glass wall in a shopping mall in Novosibirsk 16:38

In Novosibirsk, a girl refused to write a statement against the man who smashed her head. In this respect reports security agency “GUARD” in his group on VKontakte.

On September 18, a local resident was detained in the Kirovsky district of the city. Eyewitnesses contacted the security guard of the Matryoshka shopping center and explained what happened on the street. Later, the security guard saw with his own eyes that the young man grabbed the girl by her hair and hit her head against the window of the building.

According to the source, the victim was still resisting even though his face and hair were covered in blood. The security guard managed to take the girl from the hands of the man, who was also covered in the victim’s blood. While medical teams were called to the scene, the attacker was handed over to the police.

Emergency room doctors diagnosed the girl with a lacerated scalp; He needed stitches. The police established that the parties to the conflict were in a relationship, lived together and had already organized drunken brawls and fights in public places.

As noted, the victim refused to submit an application to the internal affairs bodies against her partner.

Previously, a five-year-old man in Bishkek to beat He and his common-law wife were detained after a post he shared on social networks.

Source: Gazeta


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