Shocking statement from ‘First Dates’ restaurant: “Meat is a sin and meat is sex”

All kinds of people have their place in the ‘First Dates’ restaurant, some of the weirdest. John, A 64-year-old man from Murcia joined the program after joining. He has been married for 43 years and has six children.. “The Bible says meat is a sin, but sex is a sin. Love is not a sin,” Carlos told Sobera minutes after he was in the building.

The program decided to pair it with him. Mary RoseA 58-year-old woman who has been a housewife for several years and lost her husband: “We have to celebrate the silver anniversary. Unfortunately the heart attack took him away. I was depressed but I said ‘I have to get up'”The woman confessed. He also stated that it was his children who encouraged him to seek a new love.

Once at the table, ready to share their first dinner together, María Rosa shocked by her partner treating her like “you”, so it didn’t take long for him to point it out. Again, Murcian ignored and she told him that she now wants to dedicate it to her future partner.

Seeing that Maria was still treating her like you, Maria asked her to relax so they could have a more comfortable conversation, but she went on with her line. Faced with her partner’s refusal to be closer to her, she decided not to repeat it again: “He speaks very strangely. Conversations are very rare,” he told the show’s crew..

However, what María Rosa did not know was that the evening could surprise her even more. “I thought you’d be wrong about me if you ran into a sexually hot woman. Do you go to church? Do you believe in the Bible? What does the Bible say? Meat is sin, meat is sex.”assured the farmer. “I’m left checkered. I’m dead. I didn’t expect him to tell me that. That meat is sin. “Meat and meat”, he cried out in surprise. Finally, he was open to a second date, but turned down the offer: “not as a couple”, was convicted.

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