Ukraine’s forgotten pets: “When people have no food, it’s much worse for animals”

70 kilometers Leopolis The ADA association has been an animal advocate since its inception. most conflict in Ukraine knocked over with pets distribute publications amid Russian bombardment of the southern border. Pablo Brome, a veterinarian specializing in small animals, and Privet Veterinary Hospital, where he works, contacted these volunteers and decided to organize a trip to distribute. 2,000 kilos of ERA bait and bring it from the border shelters homeless animals.

When Brome is asked the reason for this trip, he answers: SPAIN NEWSPAPERA newspaper belonging to the Prensa Ibérica group and these media: “When people don’t have food, it’s much worse for animals”.

Yet “all Europe supports and the ships are full of food” “It’s too dangerous to cross the border to feed”says the vet.

Despite the large quantities of food, clothing and fodder distributed during the first weeks of the war, and the aid that kept coming, the support needed is even greater, according to Ukrainian associations residing in Spain and the Red Cross, among others.

“When we got there and saw that everything was packed, we thought our contribution was insignificant, but, every granite matters and if we all agreed, there would be no help,” Brome recalls.

The veterinarian tells this newspaper on his journey that began at the end of March, when he had to travel all over Europe with his colleagues for a week, helping animals that lost their owners between two years. bombs.

The veterinarian’s journey

The main idea from which the whole journey unfolds, provide humanitarian aid and bring animals. border shelters Romania, Slovakia and Poland They were full, vans were prepared with cages and carriers to bring animals that couldn’t be kept there to pet shelters. However, as Pablo and other vets travel across Europe“Polish law has changed and animals from Ukraine housed in shelters on European territory they had to hold a three-month quarantine to check their rabies levels”therefore “veterinary aid convoy failed to bring animals”. “It was a real fiasco”, remember the vet.

Ukrainian bunkers

“Aid is needed from small animals to cattle,” animal protection organizations in the region told the veterinarian. Among these shelters are the veterinarians of Hospital Privet, as in the ADA, 2000 kilos of feedin addition to others Donate 1000 kilos. When the mission is completed and faced with the inability to get any animals from the shelters, the group decided to change the aid of pets for humanitarian aid They tried to find Ukrainian refugees who wanted to leave the country because there was room in the vans.

poland border

along the border with Ukrainemany countries are establishing humanitarian aid points to help, feed and relocate. million Ukrainians those who passed through the different camps of the organizations. “The movement of people to escape from the country is impressive”, Brome describes the state of the border outposts. “We all create a web that can save people from that hell”. There the group broke up to pick up different people who contacted them to leave the country and eventually, seven Ukrainians returned to Spain in their minibus.

The vet remembers what caught his attention the most during the entire trip: Warsaw train station and refugee centre. “They came with nothing and children”. Still, “many brought their pets, especially small dogs and cats. Although it is not known who is left behind” Ends Pablo Brome.

animals that can’t escape

A large number of images circulated in the headlines and on the screen, showing the horror and difficulty of the occupation. Russian Army, but few collect what happens to pets, those who don’t they can go on a walk or simply do not fit in the trunk necessary for survival. It is still difficult to quantify how many pets died in conflict during this three-month invasion. However, such tragedies as Borodyanka’s are known: Of the 485 pets, only 150 survived due to lack of food and water.

In Bucha, a dog looks after another’s corpse. EP

Others, like this bunker, were abandoned in Ukraine. The cattle roam the fields in search of food that never comesuntil he finally dies in a puddle of water and starvation.

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