A ‘kamikaze’ driver kills a young couple in Valencia

A kamikaze killed two people channels early this Saturday, around 14:30. The accident occurred when a car entered. Valencia Street in the opposite direction and passed several Honduran nationals. The 31-year-old man died at the crash site, and the 30-year-old woman died at the crash site hours later. Xativa Hospital Lluís Alcanyis after being resuscitated by the medical team SAMU. The dead leave orphans a four month old baby.

As confirmed by some sources Upgrade-EMVAlongside a newspaper belonging to the Prensa Ibérica group, this media provides a clue to the origin of the accident. bar from town coast after a vigorous argument that the driver will be hacked. Therefore, according to the same sources, the cause of the accident was Antonio Manuel G.., Local channels At the age of 48, he bought an Opel car to crush the people he was going to argue with. He was there when you got bored couple traveling with a group of about 12 uninjured. The deceased who tested positive had no connection to the cause of death. alcohol and drug use and was arrested.

According to eyewitnesses, the vehicle dragged the couple about 50 meters after the collision. There were no skid marks and the car to go 80km/h speed On a 30 km/h road, he got under the bridge at the end of the road. Valencia Street.

Instead of the truths they came from local police of the channels, Channels Civil Guarddoctors from the health center channels, a SAMU and Local Police l’Alcudia de Crespins.

City council channels declared three days of corporate mourning, with flags at half-mast starting tomorrow.

Mayor, Mai CastellsHe complained about the “injustice” of the death of these two neighbors, who lived for a short time in the town they came from, their hometown of Honduras.

“I talked to transfer the family. condolence take care of the entire municipal organization and give them all the help they need from the municipality”, the mayor concluded.

Source: Informacion


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