The rate of companies having difficulty finding workforce increases to 40 percent

Four out of ten companies buy labor availability issues Depending on their activity, this ratio rises to more than five in ten (or one in two) in the hospitality and construction sectors. Bank of Spain.

Data for the third quarter of the year His research on the development of activities of Spanish companies From the Bank of Spain (Ebae) confirms the growing concern about this factor: 39 percent of companies that perceive problems in finding labor, five points higher than recorded in the second quarter statistics (34%). According to activity sectors, the problems are particularly hostel And structureAccording to the Bank of Spain, more than 50% of companies declare that they are affected by these challenges.

A growing number of businesses predict their costs for energy and wages will become more expensive within a year

The data published this Monday by the Bank of Spain corresponds to the online survey carried out Between August 28 and September 11 It is based on a sample of approximately 15,000 companies, approximately 25% of which are in regular collaboration. Balance Sheet Center of the organism. The report was created based on 6,086 valid surveys, and the results provide indicators of growing tensions in the labor market.

Less hiring but higher salary costs

The results show that 40% of companies having problems finding workforce are forced to find jobs. Reducing planned hiring, It is a slightly more pronounced phenomenon in large companies. Also 38% an upward impact on your salary costs.

On the other hand, according to the Bank of Spain, nearly a third of affected companies report that their business has been negatively affected. production levels or sale. Companies with less density indicate a negative impact investment decisionsespecially when it comes to small companies. Finally, difficulties in finding new workers are a problem for 16.1% of companies. Reduce your layoffs.

More than half of the companies experiencing these problems Lack of employees with the necessary qualifications for vacant positions. The problem is more pronounced in jobs that require job profiles. vocational training middle or higher and depending on the branches of activity industry, construction and transportation. The second reason put forward by companies is; difficulty retaining employeesespecially those with lower qualifications. Difficulties in finding employment in jobs that require a university degree, working and wage conditions.

Billing and pricing

The results of this wave of Ebae also show an increase in the percentage of companies damaged by the crisis. turnover decrease In the third quarter of the year, following a slight increase in the previous period. Billing fell in all sectors except tourism and information and communications services.

Additionally, there are signs of: pause in the correction process inflation. 58.4% of companies experienced an additional increase in intermediate costs (10 points more than in the second quarter) and even more expect this increase for the fourth quarter.

While the rate of companies declaring that they increased their prices in the third quarter increased to 26.4%, the rate of companies declaring that they increased their prices in the third quarter increased to 26.4%. They foresee additional increases in costs in the last part of the year.

HE rising energy prices contraction in the third quarter of the year and labor market They find that 65% (two-thirds) of companies expect their costs to become more expensive within a year.

concerns about impact economic policy uncertainty Business activity slightly up but still close to target all time low.

Source: Informacion


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