Irma Soriano describes her near-death experience on ‘Deluxe’: ‘I thought this was my last moment’

Irma Soriano had a domestic accident a few days ago that could have cost him his life. just as he described in ‘Saturday Deluxe’. server said While taking a bath in the pool at home, an extension cord plugged into the current suddenly fell into the water..

During his interview, Soriano described how shocked he was to be aware of what could happen to him in this situation. The journalist assured stuck and tried to remove the device by pulling the cablea few meters away while still connected to the current.

This surreal anecdote caused laughter among collaborators, which angered the interviewee: “This is not a joke, it’s not funny at all. I couldn’t lift my feet from the water. I thought it was my last memory and I remembered how many times you didn’t want to get up because you were tired because of the circumstances of life. I saw it very close then but I wanted to run away from him because he could take my life.”He added when he was excited.

“I felt like my body was cramped”Said the journalist, who lives in an urbanization where a maintenance worker was electrocuted a few years ago. She also assured that her husband was in the garden at the time, but did not know how to react at the time. However, everything remained in a state of fear.

Source: Informacion


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