Who speaks for the ibex-35?

Two-thirds of the companies that make up the Ibex-35, the most followed stock market index in Spain, belong to highly regulated sectors, subject to Official State Journal guidelines or administrative decisions. Collusion with governments at any level (local, regional, provincial and European) is essential for these companies with the official Spanish business image. Some of its consequences depend on political decisions and last-minute events from governments in power. Government projects always seem to be run on behalf of the client or consumer. The contraction of the financial sector with the creation of new control systems after the crisis that started in September 2008 has been the paradigmatic example of this century so far. Now governments are competing with each other to see how to increase control and demand more control of all kinds in the energy sector, the new papus that must be shackled. The pretext of the energy transition and the global rise in prices due to the skewness between supply and demand over the course of a year has produced a daily rundown of leaks, rumors and constant debates about the legal (distrust) surrounding an industry strategy. . From the initial subsidies for renewables to the amortization of the nuclear bill, we are still paying the price for erroneous policy decisions.
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