USA will allocate $25 million to Vietnam for ammunition cleaning 19:27

USA will allocate  million to Vietnam for ammunition cleaning 19:27

The US administration said the country would send $25 million to Vietnam to clear unexploded ordnance and $8.9 million to fight international crimes. The relevant press release was distributed White House.

“The United States announced new programs and equipment transfers totaling $8.9 million to strengthen Vietnam’s capabilities in combating regional and international cross-border crimes,” the statement said.

It is also stated that the USA will allocate an additional 25 million dollars for further cleaning and the search for unexploded ordnance.

Previously, United States President Joe Biden future To Hanoi to discuss US-Vietnam cooperation following the G20 summit in India.

Previously in the USA in the name One of the biggest threats to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Source: Gazeta


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