Rogov talked about what will happen to Western tanks destroyed on the battlefield 19:56

Vladimir Rogov, leader of the popular movement “We are with Russia”, said that the Challenger 2 tanks disabled in the Zaporozhye region were rusting on the battlefield. This was reported by RIA News.

“These tanks were left to rust on the battlefield. The Ukrainian side left these iron coffins. They’re heavy, you can’t drag them,” Rogov said.

Previously, American journalist Jackson Hinkle published on his YouTube channel said About the negative reaction of British officials to the destruction of the British Challenger 2 tank supplied to Ukraine The journalist also noted that British officials refused to supply Ukraine with new Challenger 2s to replace the damaged ones due to London’s damage to Ukraine. has already transferred 14 tanks of this type; perhaps Britain itself is experiencing a shortage of such equipment.

Hinkle emphasized that the destruction of Western weapons by Russian artillery was very bad marketing for British tanks, German Leopards and other NATO military systems, and that it was also “excellent advertising for Russian weapons.”

Previously reportedthat tanks in museums were used to train the Ukrainian army in Denmark.

Source: Gazeta


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