A way to get rid of back pain without medication was found 14:42

Cognitive-functional therapy, which aims to get rid of the fear of movement, helps people who have been experiencing this fear for years get rid of lower back pain. Doctors from Curtin University (Australia) talked about this Speech.

Approximately 40% of adults, from teenagers to older adults, suffer from lower back pain each year. Although most recover, approximately 20% continue to suffer from chronic low back pain (lasting more than three months).

As the authors of the article note, there is a common belief that chronic low back pain is caused by wear and tear on the spinal tissues, such as disc degeneration. In fact, herniated discs, arthritis, and other signs of wear and tear are common in people who do not experience pain. Additionally, the presence of arthritis and herniated discs in MRI scans may frighten the patient and cause him/her to avoid activity. The belief that pain is related to tissue damage, fear, and anxiety can aggravate a person’s condition and make the pain chronic.

The authors’ recent study of 492 people found that chronic low back pain may benefit from cognitive functional therapy. The method combines psychotherapy and movement therapy, helps the person understand the individual factors that contribute to pain, and also helps get rid of the fear of movement. During the sessions, the physiotherapist takes into account the person’s sleep, rest and physical activity.

Over a six-month period, 18 physiotherapists were trained in cognitive functional therapy in the major Australian cities of Perth and Sydney. Patients who subsequently received treatment from them experienced significant and sustained improvements in function and reductions in pain compared with patients who received standard medical care.

Effects lasted for up to 12 months; This is an unusually long period of time for most recommended interventions, including exercise or psychological therapy. 80% of participants were satisfied or very satisfied with the treatment; this rate was 19% in the usual care group.

Participants suffered from the pain for an average of four years and tried a variety of other treatments. The study was published in The Lancet. As the author notes, the method can be used if serious causes of back pain are excluded.

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