Wife divorced British man one day after wedding because of bad joke 20:12

Wife divorced British man one day after wedding because of bad joke 20:12

A British woman divorced her husband the day after their wedding because he threw a cake at her face. This has been reported Mirror.

Young people have been dating for more than two years and decide to legalize their relationship. At the same time, the girl asked her future husband not to repeat the popular joke in Great Britain by throwing wedding cakes at each other. When I was a child my mother used to joke this way about the English girl.

However, the man decided not to listen to his future wife and threw a bounty at her face during the wedding ceremony, ruining the Englishwoman’s dress and make-up. After that, she went to the hotel and decided to get a divorce in the morning.

“I warned him: If he repeats this stupid trick, we will break up. It was supposed to be the happiest day of my life, but everything was ruined because of a joke I hated. “And he knew it,” the girl explained.

The young man refused to apologize for his actions, accused the girl of disrupting the wedding and demanded that she return home. This only strengthened the Englishwoman’s desire to break off relations with a man who, in her opinion, was not responsible for his actions.

In Indonesia, the groom had previously run away from the wedding and the bride had run away. appeared marry her father.

Source: Gazeta


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