G20 passes final declaration despite row over Ukraine invasion

Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, It announced on Saturday that it had succeeded in adopting the G20’s final joint declaration. frictions and differences Emerging around the issue of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Assuring that the member countries have finally managed to reach a consensus on the issue, Modi said he has taken a view on this issue. “Information” about the “hard work of different teams” He will attend the G20 summit to be held in New Delhi, the capital of India, this weekend. “There is an agreement,” he said.

In the weeks leading up to the summit, the countries that make up the group, the world’s major economies, Russia and China— reach an agreement.

But now, sources familiar with the matter have revealed to the DPA news agency that Russia has managed to prevent the text from collecting information. Open condemnation of war and that Member States have managed to agree on this issue.

Ukraine’s allies, on the other hand, tried to negotiate the inclusion of references that all countries should refrain from attacking Ukraine. territorial integrity and political independence from other states.

“Great success” for Spain

Spanish Government is considering “a great success” He said the G20 had agreed on a final declaration referring to the war in Ukraine, which he interpreted as a positive step to be able to consider peace after a conflict that he considered to have lasted too long.

Sources of the Spanish delegation, headed by the first vice president of the government, Nadia Calviño, and including Foreign Affairs Minister José Manuel Albares, emphasized the fact that the agreed text rejected the attack on him. basic principles of international lawTerritorial integrity and national sovereignty.

Rejection of such aggression “any state”The fact that one paragraph of the declaration mentions “the war in Ukraine” rather than “against Ukraine” is one of the issues that endangers reaching a compromise.

However, the Spanish Government does not interpret this as a setback regarding the declaration. Bali G20 summit (Indonesia) was held last year, as it was clearly emphasized that all partners, including Russia, agreed to a set of principles, and its aggression against Ukraine was already clearly condemned by the international community.

Imagine Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov (representing his country in President Vladimir Putin’s absence) going to New Delhi. different attitude To what he had at the Bali summit.

The sources cited believe that Russia did not want to be left out A declaration mentioning peace and other fundamental principles of the United Nations Charter.

Due to the long duration of the war, the Spanish Government believes that Russia is aware that it cannot win the war after losing the diplomatic war, and now is the time for war. being able to think about peace.

Believing that what was achieved at this summit was a positive step in this direction, Erdoğan underlined that all participants in the summit burst into applause when the Prime Minister of India said the following words: Narendra Modiannounced that an agreement had been reached for the declaration.

India and Spain also take part in the hosting role This is an important part of achieving success.

In addition to the section on UkraineThe Spanish Executive also underlines the references to financial architecture and international finance in the summit declaration, because it is estimated that there is a “very significant leap” here.

It also highlights other relevant steps, such as those related to the fight against terrorism. climate change For example, it was decided to triple renewable energy capacity by 2030.

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