The ambulance that left the patient in the hospital in Alicante was fined

A trip to the emergency room that resulted in an unexpected parking ticket. This was the experience of the ambulance driver who took his patient to a private hospital in Alicante on Thursday.

medical device, amobile UVI ambulancefully identifiable, stood on the pavement Padre Arrupe street and Denia street, As the affected person can read in his post on a well-known social network, he turned on the turn signals, as the patient needed “stabilization time”, and began to leave the patient in the hospital, lasting half an hour.

Local Police imposed this sanction on the grounds that it “parked on the pavement” an ambulance serving at a hospital that did not have emergency parking for medical vehicles. The sanction amount is 60 euros.

As the driver of the mobile UVI ambulance was leaving the hospital, he realized that the police had been fined 60 euros in the rear view mirror of his vehicle for “parking on the pavement”. Alicante Local Police.

The health organization did not hesitate to condemn this on its social networks and included the following statements: Mayor of the city, Luis Barcala, Because there is another feature of the hospital where he goes to leave his patient: It does not have an area reserved for making an emergency stop.

Sources close to the driver explain that in order not to disturb the road, the carrier prefers to leave the vehicle on the pavement because it is a very crowded part of the city and a very large area where traffic does not enter. interrupt traffic.

After the initial distress, the driver applied to the City Council to cancel the fine, but was unsuccessful. According to sources close to the person affected, the driver would have already paid the fine and will now attempt to appeal the fine, claiming that the action was perpetrated due to a health emergency so he would not be subject to a parking violation as stated. by the Local Police.

three vehicles

Alicante Local Police sources told questions from this environment that an agent riding a motorcycle near the hospital made a complaint when he saw him. Three vehicles blocked the pedestrian crossing on the curb

It was about one delivery van, a car and an ambulance. According to the same sources, three people were fined by this agent when they observed that their parking space was obstructing the passage of a wheelchair or stroller.

They also stated the rights that those who are sanctioned should have. attractive fine and the ambulance driver claiming the reason for his stop.

Source: Informacion


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