Prosecutor’s Office demanded Cecilio Lera stay in prison for molesting a girl

“He is not a primary prisoner”, He was already in prison for other reasons; nor does he have a “serious incurable disease”. These are the grounds that the Zamora Prosecutor’s Office used to request the Provincial Court to conclude the case. Former mayor of Castroverde de Campos Cecilio Lera Blanco serving a sentence of 4 years this is what was imposed on him in April of 2023 a crime sexual abuse other than inciting a minor and another minor into prostitution and the first victim’s sister.

HE public ministry Cecilio thinks Lera can’t take advantage of this right postponement of sentence as your lawyer asked because “committed crimes of gender-based violence and drunk driving”, specify the referenced resources. Currently convicted person is in prison Pre-trial detention during investigation for another crime ex-wife’s violation of the restraining order.

The arguments put forward to compel the court to serve the sentence of a prominent socialist politician make it clear that although his sentence for each of these crimes was not more than two years, this would allow their income in Topaş to be suspended. , really “If it’s not a recidivist, it’s because these crimes are contemporary”. Crimes against sexual freedom of her 14- and 16-year-old sisters is among July and October 2021According to the facts proven in the sentence for which the sentence is requested to be suspended. delirium A minor’s corruption of a 15-year-old made it a month laterHE 24 November 2021This shows that they are the same age.

Pay for sex

Court sentenced former innkeeper Two years in prison for corruption against minors in December 2022 and the judges agreed to suspend his jail time because had no calculable criminal record. On this occasion the former socialist Offers underage boy 300 euros to have sex with him his offer At the door of a bar in Castroverde after leaving the building to look for the teenager some friends daughtersaid “I’ll eat you okay, do you want 300 euros?”According to the record presented as evidence. He paid the two sisters between 50 and 100 euros for each meeting in his house where i quoted them at dawn so that the neighbors cannot see them enter the Castroverde house where they live.

Among the reasons why the Prosecutor’s Office objected to the postponement of the sentence not being implemented again is the failure to take this measure according to court criteria. Supreme Court, If the penalty for each offense does not exceed two years, as in this case, he will not be entitled to this measure because he is “not the main culprit”.

The truth is that alcoholic Nor does it convince the judiciary that Castroverde de Campos’ former district governor agreed to avoid penalties that could amount to 6 years and 4 years in prison. the seriousness of the facts. Cecilio Lera confessed to abusing her minor sister before the judges; This had happened displayed naked in front of both; HE that they massaged him and watched pornography with them.

Former hotelier escapes jail for corrupting minors

Cecilio Lera’s lawyer Miguel Ángel Martín Aneroit asserts: The alcoholism to which the accused was exposed is decisive in behavior. With this argument, he had the County Court adjourn the sentence of December 2022 for another offense against the sexual freedom of a minor. This is a crime of corruption to minors, which he confessed to committing while proposing to the Prime Minister. daughter of a friendly couple He offered money to have sex with her and in return he offered her money.

The court asked to continue he was on abstinence treatment and had not re-offended for two years. Former innkeeper started treatment in Benavente but committed a crime before completing half a year: approached his ex-wife Not approaching or communicating with him in any way, despite being convicted of gender-based violence.

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