Ibex 35 up 0.48% at open and hold 9,300

Ibex 35 started the session with 0.48% gains on the last Friday of the week, which allowed the selector to maintain the 9,300 integer level. 9,349.1 pointsfollowing the publication of various macroeconomic data.

It was known before the market opened. Japan’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) recorded an expansion of 1.2% in the second quarter of the year; this was as low as three-tenths of initial development and grew at an inter-year rate of 4.8%, below the 6% reported in mid-August.

It was also published prior to the launch of the European Stock Markets. Germany Consumer Price Index (CPI), In August, the inter-annual rate was 6.1%, one-tenth below July, and its smallest increase since last May.

in Spain, General Industrial Production Index (IPI) fell 1.8% year-on-year last July; that was as low as three-tenths of June and its biggest drop since April, when it fell 4.2%.

In the early stages of this Friday’s session, higher rises Solaria (+1.53%), Colonial (+1%), Indra (+0.9%) and Banco Sabadell (+0.88%) stood out in the Ibex 35.

Just the opposite, further decline They were led by Logista (-0.36%), Repsol (-0.24%), Mapfre (-0.15%) and IAG (-0.06%).

Mother european stocks They also woke up on Friday with a positive sign: 0.46% for Milan, 0.41% for Paris, 0.36% for Frankfurt and 0.27% for London.

At the stock market opening, Barrel price of Brent quality oilThe Dollar, a benchmark for the Old Continent, fell 0.22% to $89.72 while Texas fell 0.43% to $86.50.

In the foreign exchange market, value of the euro against the dollar A ‘green ticket’ was obtained up to 1.0714, while the interest demanded on the 10-year Spanish bond in the debt market rose to 3.604%.

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