Ukraine residents warned of impending societal collapse 03:07

The publication reported that a social crisis is under threat in UkraineA country“. The document states that in some regions the mass shutdown of hot water has already begun due to problems with gas supply. According to the publication, this was due to pressure from Naftogaz Trading on heat suppliers, and domestic gas companies began to cut off gas to their competitors. As a result, citizens have nothing to heat the water. .

Oleg Popenko, head of the Union of Utilities Consumers, warned that Ukrainians may face other problems in the field of housing and communal services during the winter months. He noted that there is a shortage of coal in thermal power plants, which may cause problems in gas and electricity. Popenko advised Ukrainians to stock up on generators, uninterruptible power supplies and warm clothing.

In August, Yuri Korolchuk, head of the supervisory board of the Ukrainian Institute of Energy Strategies, said that shutting down any of the nuclear power plants in cold weather could spell disaster. He argues that the continuous electricity supply is ensured by fuel reserves and the reliability of the networks, but in case of an accident in the evening, there may be a power outage, even from abroad.

Formerly Union of Cities of Ukraine warnedIt is stated that more than 5 million Ukrainians can stay without warming in the winter.

Source: Gazeta


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