Alicante countryside joins protests demanding change in European agricultural policy

Asaja joined Alicante protests Major Spanish agricultural organizations gathered in Córdoba to coincide with the celebrations. European Ministers of Agriculture Summitwith. A mobilization they demanded change in US policiesCondemned the threat posed by E and “growing” threat in this area unfair competition from third countries”It got worse due to an increase in costs, according to the organization that chairs it. Jose Vicente Andreu Traveling to Andalusia with other representatives of the city, such as a technical secretary, Ramon Espinosa.

Farmers and ranchers benefited from the summit, which was also attended by the Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development. Janusz Wojciechowski demand a little “new rules of the gameWhere food, guaranteed by our production system based on safety and quality, becomes a top priority for EU member states”.

The Spanish countryside claims Equal treatment between European productions and productions from third countries. Therefore, they consider it necessary to intensify border controls to ensure the entry of food produced under the same phytosanitary, labor and quality requirements that European producers have to comply with. For this reason, they condemn the EU’s free trade agreements, such as the agreement with Mercosur, that systematically use the agricultural sector as a tool. exchange rate, “Forcing the closure of thousands of agricultural and livestock farms across Europe.”

A moment from the protest on the occasion of the European agriculture ministers summit. Information

Similarly, the organizers of the meeting remind us of the recent CAP reform approved by Brussels: Demand more with fewer resources. In particular, they point out that strategies like “Farm to Table” or the Nature Restoration Act will remain “only green showcase policies” if they don’t have a realistic roadmap. support measures much more ambitious for professional farmers to make the transition fair, balanced and profitable”.

All this at a time when agricultural producers find themselves in a difficult situation. “ruined” situation According to the organizers of the protests, More than 35% increase in production costs According to the calculations made in 2022; Reduced productivity due to drought and resource prices that do not guarantee to cover production costs.

For all this, Asaja, COAG, UPA and Agri-Food Cooperatives are requesting EU Agriculture Ministers”change in agricultural policies and food as a top priority”, for this they consider it “necessary” to preserve the productive fabric of European farmers and ranchers so that they can fulfill their basic function of providing the community with healthy and safe food at affordable prices.


Added one more demand for Alicante farmers: to have a guarantee of sufficient quantity and quality of water. So by taking advantage of concentration in Asaja Alicante, Maintenance of the Tajo-Segura transfer and full access to water for all Spaniards.

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