Japan will launch X-ray telescope XRISM to study the hottest places in the Universe 08:42

The Japan Aerospace Agency (JAXA), in collaboration with NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA), is preparing to launch a new large-scale mission to study space using X-ray imaging and spectroscopy. The XRISM spacecraft is expected to launch on September 7 from the Tanegashima Space Center in Japan. reported on the ESA website.

According to ESA scientists, XRISM is designed to help astrophysicists understand how the largest structures in the universe develop, how matter is distributed in space, and how galaxies form. The satellite’s sensors are designed to track the hottest objects in space (black holes and galaxy clusters).

The XRISM spacecraft is equipped with two instruments to study the X-ray range: Resolve and Xtend. The first is a cryogenic particle detector that operates at a very low temperature (a few hundredths of absolute zero Kelvin). Such conditions are necessary to detect the slightest temperature fluctuations caused by x-rays from deep space. The second tool – Xtend – will provide the device with a wide coverage in the x-ray range.

Japan for the third time deferred Launch of the station to review the Moon SLIM. It could not be launched into space due to bad weather conditions.

Source: Gazeta


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