More than a quarter of Russians want to play sports with VR glasses 03:00

Russians show great interest in fitness and sports. At the same time, the demand for new technologies in sports is increasing. This is demonstrated by the Calltouch study, the results of which were reviewed by

In other words, a quarter of the participants are ready to try the lessons with VR glasses. But the popularity of traditional forms of employment continues. Therefore, one in five participants would like to try new types of physical activity, such as yoga or dance. The most popular formats include classic fitness classes (19%), online home workouts and team games with neighbors (18% each), free outdoor workouts (13%) and self-runs (12%).

According to the results of the research, it was determined that the main criteria when choosing a gym or fitness club in 2023 were proximity to home (32%), price (31%), and individual trainer (30%). All-in-one fitness clubs, 24-hour gyms, and establishments with children’s rooms are also popular (11% each).

Analysts also analyzed the dynamics of visitor demand to fitness clubs and beauty salons. Users find companies mostly through search engines (27%), geographic services (25%), and ads (22%). The other 12% goes directly to the websites of clubs and halls. SMS and e-mails (7%), advertisements (4%) and social networks (2%) generate the least revenue. The main sources of traffic in the regions are generally similarly distributed.

“The way gyms are promoted has changed. For example, we are seeing a return to trust in traditional offline advertising. A third of Russians choose a salon for outdoor advertising after receiving a brochure. Another consistent trend in promotion is working with influencers and opinion leaders. “One in five Russians trust the advice of bloggers,” said Artur Sargsyan, expert at Callday Fitness & Beauty.

In March 2023, Club card sales increased by 10% compared to the previous year and by 1.1% compared to the pre-crisis period. At the same time, a quarter of Russians prefer to pay monthly for lessons. 14% of the participants pay for each course attended.

A third of the respondents consider an acceptable price for an annual subscription of up to 30 thousand rubles. Only 8% of respondents are willing to pay more than 30,000 rubles a year for sports. At the same time, one out of ten people is not ready to spend more than 5 thousand rubles a year on fitness classes.

Former analysts to solveHow many Russians prefer sports?

Source: Gazeta


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