Most Russians save money for apartment repairs 02:01

A third (30%) of Russians surveyed managed to make repairs in their apartment within a month. This is evidenced by the data of a survey conducted by SberStrakhovanie and the Repair service with SberServices, the results of which were reviewed by

Slightly fewer (22%) were busy with work for one to two weeks. Repair took six months for 17% of respondents. 12% of respondents took a few days and 11% needed more than a year. Only 8% are still making repairs and do not yet know when the job will be completed.

The majority of survey respondents (73%) admitted to saving money for repairs. 16 percent borrowed money and 11 percent borrowed from friends or relatives.

31% of those who saved money said that they managed to save up to 50 thousand rubles. 27% accumulated from 51 to 100 thousand rubles. 19% of survey respondents collected from 101 to 300 thousand rubles. 10% of respondents saved from 501 thousand to 1 million rubles, and 9% – from 301 to 500 thousand rubles.Only 4% managed to allocate more than 1 million rubles for repairs in the apartment.

According to SberStrakhovanie statistics, most residential accidents in the first half of 2023 occur in bays, and these accidents are very common when communications change during repairs. Other common insured events include emergencies, natural disasters, and fires.

before in Russia persistently we have launched a new type of mortgage loan.

Source: Gazeta


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