Juan Roig accelerator embodies two new Alicante initiatives

Lanzadera, business accelerator Business Marina Sponsored and sponsored by Juan Roig Two new companies from Alicante In your September search. especially commercial Bioferric Ink And behaus They will form part of more than one hundred projects included in the organisation’s support program, which has become a benchmark in the Spanish startup industry.

“As in previous calls, we chose companies that offer innovative and distinctive solutions for the customer. I believe entrepreneurs will know how to make the most of both the acceleration program we are renewing and strengthening, as well as the opportunities and synergies to be found in a unique ecosystem like Marina de Empresas,” he assures. Martha NoguerasShuttle’s CEO.

Selected initiatives launch an updated Lanzadera program removes stages and extends their duration: It can be extended for at least six months. In addition, Lanzadera diagnoses and prescribes based on the needs, metrics and maturity of each venture. personalized itinerary for every entrepreneur to help them grow in a solid and sustainable way.

Companies physically established in Marina de Empresas, Total Quality model training, The basic business management model for Mercadona’s success; Personalized mentoring by experts, with support and advice on your financing or investment needs, among other benefits.

Marina de Empresas facilities in the port of Valencia, where Lanzadera is located. Information


As for the Alicante companies included in this September edition, these are Bioferric Ink and from Behauss. The first is a company dedicated to its production, located in the science park of the Miguel Hernández University in Elche and the Príncipe Felipe business incubation center in Alicante. adsorbent materials for industrial water treatment Affordable and reusable products that reduce costs and increase sustainability.

on his behalf, behaus It is a real estate platform that digitizes all the services of home ownership thanks to APP and virtual reality.

Business accelerator Lanzadera is also part of it. EDEM Business School and the investment firm Angels from the Marina de Empresas entrepreneurial pole. This is an initiative by Juan Roig, based in Marina de València, whose mission is to train, mentor and finance entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow, and is committed to promoting wealth, job creation and a culture of entrepreneurship. Lanzadera has supported more than 1,300 companies since its establishment in 2013.

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